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Free access to Romania’s Peleș, Pelișor castles for National Day

Locals and tourists in Sinaia, a popular mountain town about 120 km north of Bucharest, will have free access to Peleș Castle and Pelișor Castle on December 1 - Romania's National Day. “Culture opens ...
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Romania’s potentially pivotal step away from coal

Romania tried to expand production at a major lignite mine. Now it's switching the fuel used at a key power station from coal to biomass. The penny appears to have dropped.
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Romania inaugurates first regional PET bottle sorting center part of Deposit-Refund System

The first regional packaging counting and sorting center was inaugurated in Bonțida, near Cluj-Napoca, three days before Romania is set to implement the Deposit-Refund System. Sorted by color, plastic ...
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Romania is facing crucial elections in 2024 - will the country put the rising far-right in power

Romania’s far-right party AUR is growing in popularity and could enter a government coalition next year after the country’s parliamentary election. View on euronews ...
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Romania plans to spend $2 billion on short-range air defenses

MILAN — The Romanian government has solicited bids from defense manufacturers for short-range air defense systems at a cost of up to $2.1 billion, setting up a race between between French and Israeli ...
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Romania's pension reform raises fiscal risks, rating agencies warn

Romania has yet to present credible measures to offset the budget impact of planned pension hikes in the 2024 election year, Standard & Poor's said, as rating agencies warned the country's deficit ...
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OPINION: Ukraine and Romania: Towards a Strategic Partnership

There was a significant intensification of contacts when discussing the issues of the restoration of Ukraine and Romania’s participation in this process. From Oct. 18 to 21, the Rebuilding Ukraine ...
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Romania's debt manager raises 2023 funding goal to $44 bln

Romania has raised its funding goal for this year for the second time by 20 billion lei to 200 billion lei ($44 billion) as it looks to finance a larger deficit and secure some of its needs for early ...
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ARSC: 2023 is the best year for public transport in Romania, with new trams and an extension of the metro line

Mobility - The year 2023 is the best year for public transport of people in Romania, through the investments made in the modernization of means of transport and the ...
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Heavy snowfall in Romania and Moldova leaves 1 person dead, many without electricity

Heavy snowfall and strong blizzards in Romania and Moldova have left one person dead and hundreds of localities without electricity as well as forcing the closure of some national roads ...
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Romania is not ready to uphold same-sex couples' rights - PM

Romanian society is not ready to uphold the rights of same-sex couples in line with a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling, leftist Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said late on Thursday.
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I flew to Romania for a 24-hour pampering break for less than £100 - the spa alone would have cost twice the price at home

Rebecca Kellet, 37, and her best friend, Sam Martin, 34, flew from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest, Romania, at 10am on November 19, 2023.
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