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6 must-try dishes in Bucharest, from radish roses to fondue polenta

The dining scene in Bucharest is evolving at a dizzying pace, with chefs in the city’s restaurants and bistros putting mouthwatering new spins on traditional dishes and local produce. From whey fish ...
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PM Ciolacu meets Azerbaijani ambassador to Bucharest, discusses bilateral support

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu on Monday had a meeting at the Victoria Palace with the ambassador of the Azerbaijani Republic to Romania, Gudsi Osmanov, on which occasion they emphasised the two states ...
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Mazze Set to Launch Sustainable L1 Blockchain Solution with PoW and DAG Architecture

Mazze is a new and innovative layer 1 blockchain that promises to revolutionize the world of decentralized technologies. With a commitment to high-volume transactions, sustainability, and ...
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Affidea enters into an agreement to acquire MedEuropa Romania

MedEuropa Romania operates four medical centres in Romania, spanning Constanta, Bucharest, Brasov, and Oradea, with one more centre set to open in Iasi. The company is renowned for its expertise in ...
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Romania, Türkiye working closely to strengthen bilateral trade ties, ensure Black Sea security

Efforts under trilateral initiative, which includes Türkiye, Bulgaria, and Romania, against threat of mines in Black Sea are another example of cooperation, top Romanian diplomat tells Anadolu ...
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Romania’s geeks are mapping earthquake risk in EU’s highest-risk capital

Bucharest, Romania – Under the catchy name “One Love Central Studio”, a renovated apartment with an open kitchen on Doamnei Street in Bucharest is advertised on the vacation rental website ...
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The labor market in Romania, between the aging of the active population and exodus

Romania faces multiple demographic challenges, which will have a major impact on the labor market in the next 10 years: the country's population is aging, there are fewer and fewer active young people ...
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Is Bucharest Safe? Tourist Tips, Tricks And More!

So you’ve got Romania on the mind, but probably find yourself wondering: Is Bucharest safe? Let’s dive into the city’s heartbeat and separate the myths from the truths! Tom Henty Travels is here to ...
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Romania’s house prices rising, buoyed by strong demand

Property sales in Romania increasing, except in Bucharest In Romania’s six biggest cities, demand for residential dwellings remains stable. In Q4 2023, about 84,000 units were sold, up by 6.3% from 79 ...
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Air quality, waste management, and green space issues, the main complaints in Bucharest’s small communities

Business - More than half of Bucharest residents participating in a survey conducted by the Bucharest Community Foundation are dissatisfied with the state of the ...
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Romania: Key Developments Following Implementation of the EU Enforcement Directive

[6] Bucharest Court of Appeal, Decision No. 831/26.05.2021 rendered in file No. 31799/3/2020. [7] High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania, Decision No. 3447/05.10.2018 rendered in file No.
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