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Romania's new COVID-19 daily cases exceed 5,000

The number of new coronavirus infections in Romania rose by a daily record of 5,028 in the past 24 hours, the government said on Friday, as new restrictions were introduced in Bucharest and other ...
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The Latest: Romania daily virus cases reach nearly 5,000

Bucharest, Romania — Romania hit an all-time high Wednesday with 4,848 positive coronavirus cases as authorities carried out a record number of tests.
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Air pollution has a devastating cost for the people of Romania’s capital Bucharest

Air pollution costs each resident of the Romanian capital Bucharest more than 3,000 euros per year, according to a new study carried out for the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). The amount is ...
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An Instagram account places art history’s most famous works in 2020 Bucharest

What would be the most Romanian thing to pair with this artwork?” This is the question that inspires the collages on the Instagram account @latifundiar. Working in electronic recycling, @latifundiar ...
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After Bucharest, Romania’s Cluj-Napoca also enters red scenario due to COVID-19

Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second-biggest city after Bucharest, will also enter the “red scenario” after the rate of new COVID-19 infections in the last 14 days passed the threshold of three per 1,000 ...
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Coronavirus: Bucharest schools close as COVID-19 surges in Romania's capital

Bucharest has closed schools, indoor restaurants, cafes, theatres and cinemas for two weeks and made mask-wearing mandatory in all public spaces.
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Romania Leading NATO Build-Up on the Black Sea?

The top item on the minister’s agenda: the stability of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) southern flank, particularly the Black Sea. Romania’s near fixation on Black Sea security has ...
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Romania's Jewish State Theater explores work on Holocaust

The latest première at the Jewish State Theater in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, explores the horrors of the Holocaust via a survivor's memories of the Auschwitz ...
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Romania’s Jewish State Theater explores work on Holocaust | Raleigh News & Observer

The latest première at the Jewish State Theater in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, explores the horrors of the Holocaust via a survivor’s memories of the Auschwitz and Plaszow concentration camps.
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Romanian Cabinet Gets Pre-Election Boost With Bucharest Win

Romania’s minority government dislodged the opposition mayor of Bucharest, giving it a boost before national elections in December at which it’s seeking to win control of parliament.
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Mathematician to become Bucharest mayor

Turnout in Bucharest was almost 37 percent ... Postal voting is only allowed in Romania for citizens residing abroad. People who cannot make it to the polling station due to serious health issues, for ...
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Romania's ruling party upbeat after municipal elections

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Exit polls published in Romania Sunday after voting ended in the country’s municipal elections indicated that the balance of power in European Union member state is ...
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