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McKinsey: Banks have become the leading industry in Romania in terms of customer satisfaction, dethroning grocery retail

Business - Banks have registered the highest growth in customer satisfaction scores this year and have become the leader regarding customer satisfaction and ...
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Romania UN ITU Plenipotentiary Conference

Delegates from Rwanda sing and dance before elections for Secretary General of The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations specialised agency for information and communication ...
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US candidate to lead UN telecoms agency after US-Russia race

Doreen Bogdan-Martin of the United States was elected Thursday to head the U.N.’s telecommunications agency, winning a U.S.-Russia face-off for the leadership of a key global agency that sets ...
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Passengers trapped in Romania after plane hits birds, catches fire on take-off

Holidaymakers trying to get back to the UK have been told they may not get a flight until October 8 after their plane hit a flock of birds and caught fire as it tried to take off. The passengers have ...
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Romania: Autonom receives 15 million EIB backing to increase electric and hybrid car fleet

Highlights  The first EIB support for green business transport in Romania and the first EIB financing for the Autonom Group This initiative will enable Romania's largest mobility se. . .
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Why Biden and Blinken Are Backing a Candidate for a Little-Known U.N. Internet Agency

An imminent vote for the secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union will determine the future of the world’s oldest U.N. body—and possibly the internet itself.
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Romania reiterates advice for citizens to avoid travel to Russia

Romania's foreign ministry reiterated a call on Wednesday for Romanian citizens to consider leaving Russia or to avoid non-essential travel to the country amid escalating tensions between Moscow and ...
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Spotify launches new campaign in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Israel

Partnering with Leo Burnett Bucharest, Spotify has launched a new campaign celebrating the diversity of creators and users of the platform.  With ...
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Romania: Autonom receives €15 million EIB backing to increase electric and hybrid car fleet

The new cooperation between the European Investment Bank and Autonom will enable a greater use of electric and low-carbon vehicles by businesses across Romania. The €15 million financing formally ...
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Romania asks EIB for 4 bln euros to fund health and transport investment

Romania has asked the European Investment Bank for 4 billion euros ($3.86 billion) to co-finance transport and healthcare investment projects agreed under the country's European Union recovery funds ...
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