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15 Popular Things to Do In (and Around) Brasov, Romania

If this your first time in Brasov, you are in for a real treat. Located in the southern part of Transylvania – Romania’s most visited ...
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Romania's COVID infections hit 2021 record as schools reopen

Romania reported the year's highest daily number of coronavirus infections on Wednesday as cases doubled within a week, authorities said, amid relatively low vaccination rates and the reopening of ...
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Bucharest enters red scenario as COVID incidence rate goes over 3 per thousand

Bucharest entered the red scenario on Wednesday, September 22, as the city’s COVID-19 incidence rate reached 3.3 per thousand inhabitants, Digi24 reported, quoting Bucharest prefect Antonela Ghita.In ...
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Anchor Group takes over multiplex in Bucharest's first shopping mall

The Hollywood Multiplex cinema in Bucharest Mall - the first full-fledged shopping mall in Romania's capital city, was sold to Turkish Anchor Grup, which already owns Bucharest Mall (beside Plaza ...
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Romania Confronts its Communist Past

Tismaneanu and Stan's Romania Confronts its Communist Past furnishes a signal contribution to our understanding of post-despotic justice and healing. Drawing on a profound understanding of the history ...
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Romania could offer third Covid-19 vaccine dose from next week

Romania could start offering a third COVID-19 vaccine dose to medical staff and at-risk people as early as next week as the number of new daily cases was rising sharply, the head of the national ...
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flydubai expands its operations to Romania with the launch of flights to Cluj-Napoca

Napoca, its second destination in Romania, from 03 November . flydubai expands its operations to Romania with the launch of flights to Cluj-Napoca . flydubai News ...
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BUCHAREST BLOG: Romania’s anti-corruption struggle still inspiring its neighbours

Since coming to power in the July 2021 general election, Moldova’s Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) has sought to make wide-reaching ...
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Dambovita Delivery cultural event held in Bucharest, Romania

People row boats on a river during the Dambovita Delivery cultural event, in Bucharest, Romania, Sept. 17, 2021. The event, at its first edition, aims to bring the community closer to Bucharest's ...
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A weekend in Bucharest: Romania’s bustling capital

LLM writer Rebecca Underwood finds Bucharest to be a city bursting with life, that offers a veritable kaleidoscope of Romanian history, culture, art and music.
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After Emma Raducanu wins the U.S. Open, Britain, China and Romania all want to claim her

Raducanu was born in Toronto to a Chinese mother and a Romanian father before moving to a London suburb as a toddler.
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Romania: No-confidence vote stalled, political crisis grows

Romania’s governing National Liberal Party on Thursday blocked — with the help of an opposition party — a no-confidence motion brought by a former coalition partner, capping a week of political ...
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