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Romania’s president announces substantial relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions

Romania will start to implement substantial relaxation of the restrictions imposed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the following month, president Klaus Iohannis announced on Thursday, May ...
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Romania Insider starts new online Trusted Business Directory for readers and companies (press release)

Romania Insider, the most read English - language platform dedicated to Romania, has added a business directory to its website, which brings together trusted local companies active in ...
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Telecommunication device show held in Bucharest, Romania

Photo taken on May 12, 2021 shows an obsolete military telephone displayed at a shopping mall in Bucharest, Romania. A 14-day telecommunication device show was held here to mark the World ...
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Visitors can now get the COVID-19 vaccine at Dracula's castle in Romania

Romanian visitors who brave the needle will also receive free entry to the castle's torture exhibit that features 52 medieval instruments of torture.
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In Romania, what better place to get a jab in the arm than Dracula’s castle? It’s now home to a mass COVID-19 vaccination center.

A COVID-19 vaccination center has been set up on the periphery of Romania’s Bran Castle, the inspiration behind Dracula’s home in Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula.” ...
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Romania offering free vaccinations and torture chamber tours at Dracula's castle

Bran's Castle, advertised as the "real" Dracula's Castle, is offering free COVID vaccines and torture chamber passes as part of Romanian vaccination drive.
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Dracula's castle in Romania proves an ideal setting for Covid vaccinations

Every weekend through May “vaccination marathons” will be held just outside the storied 14th-century hilltop castle.
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Dracula’s castle in Romania proves ideal setting for COVID-19 vaccinations, while boosting tourism

Every weekend through May "vaccination marathons" will be held just outside the storied 14th-century hilltop Bran Castle, where no appointment is needed, in an attempt to encourage people to protect ...
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Inventing a Prosthetic Bourgeoisie: Romania and the Aromanians, 1848–1906

Examining how Romania imagined its own entanglement in the Macedonian Question, the article aims to raise the broader question of how a nation-state imagined the agency of kinfolk beyond its borders ...
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Fitch Affirms Romanian City of Bucharest at 'BBB-'; Outlook Negative

Fitch Ratings has affirmed the Romanian City of Bucharest's Long-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency Issuer Default Ratin ...
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Liechtenstein Royal Is Accused in Bear Killing in Romania

The unauthorized killing of a bear called Arthur in the Carpathian Mountains has set off a wave of anger in Romania.
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AP PHOTOS: Dwindling Armenians show Easter faith in Romania

The latest available census data shows a little over 1,300 people in Romania today identify as Armenian, many of whom welcomed the resumption of Orthodox Easter church services that were canceled last ...
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