Romanian Inventions That Changed the World

When one talks about inventions, one rarely thinks of scientists from Eastern European countries. However, this can be categorised as utter ignorance as some of the most famous scientists and inventors such as Nikola Tesla, Anatoly Alexandrov, and Oleg Antonov are actually from Eastern Europe and are considered as some of the greatest minds to have ever walked the Earth.
And chief invention producer among Eastern European countries is none other than Romania. Romanian scientists have long been regarded as some of the best inventors in the Communist era and they have continued that trend up until today.
In this article we will shortlist three of the most important discoveries made by Romanian inventors and we will look at the importance they have on our lives today.

When one mentions the helicopter, the first name which comes to everyone's mind is Igor Sikorsky. Sikorsky was a Ukrainian aviation pioneer who is credited as the man who made the helicopter flyable and safe, even though he didn't actually invent the first helicopter.
However, one scientist who is often forgotten, but has had an enormous effect on how the technology behind operating a helicopter has evolved is Romanian inventor George de Bothezat.
De Bothezat, together with Ivan Jerome, invented and developed the quadcopter. The quadcopter operates similarly to the helicopter, but is actually an aircraft with six bladed rotors at the end of an X- shaped structure.
And while the quadcopter has seen some military service at the beginning of the 20th century, its biggest use these days is at film sets as it is actually the grandfather of the modern drone.

It is a little known fact that a Romanian actually discovered insulin. The discovery which has saved millions of lives since its introduction is the brain child of Romanian inventor Nicolae Paulescu who discovered it in 1922. The original name that he gave to insulin, for obvious reasons, was pancreanin.
Paulescu patented the discovery and later went on to publish the results four times in a French magazine as early as 1921, but still history forgot him and these days Canadians Branting and Herbert Best are credited with the discovery even though they published a paper on insulin 8 months later. In fact, they were even awarded the Nobel prize for their 'discovery' of insulin.

Anti Ageing Cream
Romanian inventor Ana Aslan is the lady behind the discovery of the anti aging cream. The cream which makes the faces of celebrities shine like the fruits in a slot machine was originally called Gerovital. Upon application it immediately turned the faces of celebrities such as John F. Kennedy, Charlie Chaplin and Salvador Dali into luminous and radiant ripened fruit colours such as the ones you can see if you register at NetBet Casino. This might have looked funny to you and me, but the cream was actually really popular back in the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, it can still be purchased today, and is still the go to cream for many less popular celebrities.