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Two Bayrob Cybercrime Members Sentenced to 20 and 18 Years in Prison

The Romanian nationals stole some $4 million in a vast malware, botnet, and cryptocurrency operation. Bucharest, Romania citizens Bogdan Nicolescu, and Radu Miclaus, 37, have been sentenced in US ...  »
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Europe's 'good' Orban plots risky course to undo populist damage in Romania

"We can't risk a fragmented debate on these rapidly needed law changes," Orban said Sunday in an interview in Bucharest. "But this procedure must be used judiciously." First up for fast-tracking are ...  »
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Vodafone Romania loses contract for sending vaccination SMS notifications to parents

... Romania missed winning a contract awarded by Romania's National Institute of Public Health for the provision of automatic SMS notifications to parents regarding the next programming for children's ...  »
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Destination: Bucharest – How to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Capital

For instance, besides the special program organized for Romania’s National Day, the public can listen to an extraordinary Christmas concert titled Silent Night, on Christmas Eve. For the occasion, the ...  »
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Violinist David Garrett returns to Romania with two concerts in 2020

Violinist David Garrett will return to Romania next year for two performances, in Bucharest and in Cluj-Napoca. The two concerts are part of the artist’s Unlimited Live world tour, celebrating ten ...  »
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UEFA charges Romania with ‘racist behavior’

UEFA’s disciplinary panel will meet on Thursday to judge the case. Romania already faced charges relating to an “illicit banner” and “illicit chants” brought after the game on Nov. 15 in Bucharest.  »
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Romania’s Lying, Thieving, Widely Hated First Lady

Unlike other anti-communist revolutions across Eastern Europe, which unfolded gradually, Romania’s erupted within days. Protests spread from the provinces to the capital on Dec. 22, 1989, forcing the ...  »
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‘The Whistlers’: Watch International Trailer For Romania’s Oscar Entry

EXCLUSIVE: Here you can check out a brand new trailer for The Whistlers (La Gomera), the thriller that Romania has submitted as its entry to the 2020 International Oscar race. The film follows Cristi, ...  »
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It Cost Less Than 1 Billion Euros for Romania to Shield Its Currency

Romania’s central bank intervened in the foreign-exchange market to prop up the leu after concerns about the effect of a government spending spree on inflation and the budget pushed the currency to a ...  »
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Romania's Petrom ready to develop Black Sea gas field once government lifts barriers

Romania’s OMV Petrom is ready to press on with a multi-billion euro investment in the giant Black Sea gas project it holds with ExxonMobil once Bucharest’s new government lifts regulatory barriers to ...  »
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Romania halts sheep rescue from capsized ship

Romania is the third biggest producer of sheep in the European Union and has exported millions in the past two years, in particular to Jordan and Libya. In July, the European commissioner in charge of ...  »
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Bucharest set for Euro 2020 draw as tournament enters new territory

"We had to accept these limitations, and by the way no hosts were guaranteed to have a place at the Euros." The Netherlands could also end up playing Romania in Bucharest, should the Romanians come ...  »
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