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Romania’s Tug of War Over Rule of Law Nears the Line

BUCHAREST — A power struggle between Romania's government and judiciary is reaching a tipping point that risks driving a new wedge between the European Union and its eastern members over democratic st...  »
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Romania’s Prime Minister visits ADNOC

Romania opened its embassy in Abu Dhabi in 1991 and the UAE Embassy opened its doors in Bucharest in 2004. In April, the UAE-Romania Joint Committee held its first ministerial meeting in Bucharest. Th...  »
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Romania: Prosecutors won’t be fired due to new work rule

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania’s top judicial body says a new government ordinance requiring prosecutors in key agencies to have more years of experience won’t apply to prosecutors who ...  »
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UK police arrest 8 in trafficking probe with ties to Romania

During the raids in Romania, police found six cars, about 13,000 pounds, 126,000 lei ($31,500), laptops, mobile phones, gold, and British bank cards. The suspects have not been charged or identified. ...  »
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UEFA charges Romania for racism, misconduct by fans

UEFA says its disciplinary panel will meet on Oct. 25 to judge the charges, which include fans invading the field and lighting fireworks at the national stadium in Bucharest on Oct. 25. Sanctions coul...  »
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Romania's Govt Decree Against Prosecutors Ignites Fresh Ire

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania's government has published an ordinance requiring prosecutors in key agencies to have more years of experience, igniting fresh criticism that it could wreak havoc on curre...  »
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Romania to oblige prosecutors to have more years’ experience

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania’s government has passed an emergency ordinance requiring prosecutors in key agencies to have a greater number of years of professional activity. The move ...  »
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Book review: No saints, Romania’s legionary death cult

Romania’s infamous Legion of the Archangel Michael grew ... Though Codreanu himself was fortunately killed by Bucharest police in 1938 (if ever there was a sound case for extra-judicial killing, this ...  »
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Britain is Europe's most expensive country for public transport and third priciest for the supermarket shop - but only has 11th highest monthly wage

A number of Eastern European countries made up the cheapest cities to rent, including Bucharest, Romania's capital and Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Most expensive cities to rent in Europe: Lon...  »
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Romania court says penal code changes unconstitutional

Bucharest (AFP) - A number of changes to Romania's penal code recently pushed through by the ruling Social Democratic Party are unconstitutional, the country's highest court ruled Friday in a severe b...  »
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Memories of bruising Bucharest clash ensure Dragons flanker Cudd isn't complacent in Romania

THE memory of trailing to a beefy Romanian back in freezing Bucharest means that there is no chance of Nic Cudd taking Timisoara Saracens lightly tomorrow afternoon. AdChoices 1 2 3 YOU MAY LIKE Spons...  »
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