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PM Dancila: 'Combating terrorism, among priorities on agenda of Romania's EU Council Presidency'

"We can say that Romania, through an extensive process of history recovery ... an event will be organized to help fight the denial of the Holocaust by bringing together in Bucharest representatives of ...  »
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Bucharest’s Arch of Triumph can be visited this week

The Arch of Triumph in northern Bucharest, a historic landmark of the Romanian capital ... World War and the Great Union of 1918 – one of the most important events in Romania’s history. Read more abou...  »
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Island in Bucharest to be turned into the biggest artificial beach in Romania

The City Hall of Bucharest’s District 6 plans to completely transform Morii Lake, one of the biggest lakes in the capital, the project targeting both the island and the promenade area, which is curren...  »
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Romania President: Plan to Invalidate Graft Cases Not Legal

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania's president says a government decree that could invalidate hundreds of corruption cases involving senior officials is "crassly unconstitutional." President Klaus Iohannis ...  »
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Trouble for Romania's Naval Modernization Program

Moreover, Damen Schelde is a private company, not a state-owned shipyard, and the Netherlands has long objected to Romania’s joining of the Schengen Area because of the high level of corruption in the ...  »
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Romania minister prepares decree to invalidate graft cases

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania’s justice minister said Monday that he has prepared an emergency decree that could invalidate hundreds of corruption cases involving the country’s most senior officials. T...  »
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Think the Rust Belt Is Struggling? Welcome to Romania

With few job opportunities in post-industrial Romanian towns like Baita, young people have been moving to Bucharest or other European cities. For most of its history, Romania had an agricultural econo...  »
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Romania Minister Prepares Decree to Quash Graft Cases

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania's justice minister says he's prepared an emergency decree that could quash hundreds of corruption cases involving the country's most senior officials. Justice Minister Tud...  »
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She Hunted a Stolen Picasso—and Got Hoaxed

The letter instructed her to go deep into a forest in eastern Romania to find a beech tree under which the ... Feticu and Westerman immediately took the painting to the Dutch embassy in Bucharest and ...  »
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Plane makes emergency landing in Black Sea port in Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romanian authorities say an airplane flying from Cyprus to the Romanian capital has made an emergency landing in the Black Sea port of Constanta because of a problem with the wing ...  »
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Backstage drama accompanies Romania's debut in EU presidency

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — The United States is not the only country with a government not displaying its best on an international stage. In Europe, backstage drama accompanies Romania as it makes its ...  »
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Ex-judge: Romania ruling could collapse murder trials

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) - A court ruling that Romanian prosecutors obtained evidence illegally could collapse murder and child pornography trials in the country, a top legal expert said Friday. Romani...  »
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