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U.S. 6th Fleet Commander Visits Naval Partners in Bulgaria and Romania

Bucharest, Cernavoda, Constanta, Galati, Mangalia, and Tulcea, and involved service members, ships, and aircraft from several countries. This year's Navy Day celebrations coincide with the 100th anniv...  »
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Bucharest Protesters Keep Up Pressure On Government

Verhofstadt added that it was '"essential that Romania stays on the path of reform and progressive policies especially ahead of its stint as Presidency in office of the European Union." Bucharest will ...  »
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Dealing with the Russian Lake Next Door: Romania and Black Sea Security

Romania sang the ballad of the Black Sea’s strategic importance long before Crimea’s 2014 annexation by Russia. In its efforts to join NATO (in 2004) and the European Union (in 2007), Bucharest sold i...  »
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Romania Investigating Charges Of Police Violence At Protests

Smaller, more peaceful demonstrations were held on August 11 and 12 in cities around Romania, and the protests continued for a fourth straight day on August 13, with around 2,000 people rallying in th...  »
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The 2018 Bucharest Conference On Terrorism And The Middle East – OpEd

Organized by MEPEI (Middle East Political and Economic Institute), a Bucharest-based think-tank, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Romania, and EURISC Foundation, the 4th edition of the B...  »
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Israel Protests to Romania After Tourists Beaten by Police in Bucharest

Is global anti-Semitism spreading to Romania? The Israel Embassy in Bucharest has formally protested to the Romanian government after four Israeli tourists were dragged out of their car and beaten by ...  »
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Israel Protests to Romania After Tourists Beaten by Police

Aug. 13, 2018, at 1:05 p.m. Riot police use a water canon during a charge to clear the square during protests outside the government headquarters, in Bucharest, Romania, Friday, Aug. 10, 2018. Romania...  »
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Romania to probe alleged police violence at protest

Bucharest (AFP) - Romania has opened an enquiry into alleged police violence at a mass anti-corruption protest against the leftwing government last week where hundreds were injured, military prosecuto...  »
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Romania's disaphora lays claim to the country's future | View

This unshaken devotion to Romania might make the diaspora unstoppable ... the police intervened using tear gas and water cannon against the peaceful protesters in Bucharest, leaving 400 people injured ...  »
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Tens of thousands protest in Romania

Tens of thousands gathered Saturday in the Romanian capital Bucharest for a second straight day after more than 450 people were hurt and around 30 arrested in a huge anti-corruption protest.  »
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