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Bucharest Fire Sends 38 to Hospital, Destroys Nightclub

About half a dozen remained hospitalized. In October 2015, 64 people died at a fire at a nightclub in Bucharest the worst fire in the country’s history. Bamboo has several clubs in Romania, and one in Miami, Florida. It first opened in Bucharest in 2002 ...  »
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Nearly half a million foreign tourists come to central Romania to visit Dracula’s castle

Located in central Romania, just 30 kilometers away from Brasov, and 170 kilometers north of the capital Bucharest, Bran Castle draws many foreign tourists each year. The medieval castle became known worldwide due to its striking resemblance to Dracula’s ...  »
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Romanian nightclub fire sends dozens to hospitals

BUCHAREST A fire broke out in a nightclub in the Romanian ... it to run despite knowing it did not have a fire safety permit. The fire triggered some of Romania's biggest protests in years against failed oversight, lack of accountability and a politicised ...  »
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SUMMER: Business Class from Bucharest, Romania to Singapore for only €1292 roundtrip

Allow the Momondo search to complete, then proceed to book with the OTA of your choice. Use Google Chrome to translate the Dutch booking site if needed: Please note, all the information on this page is accurate at the time of publication. If you are ...  »
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Romania plan to pardon thousands of prisoners met with protests

Protests [AP report] occurred in the Romanian capital of Bucharest as well as a few other cities. Grindeanu and the proposal also received political criticism from an opposition leader and General Prosecutor Augustin Laza.  »
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Putin’s Old Moldova Map Alarms Romania

Politicians in Bucharest have reacted with dismay and in some cases with anger after Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday presented his Moldovan counterpart Igor Dodon with an ancient map of Moldova that includes parts of modern Romania. The map ...  »
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Romania: Protests against proposal to pardon prisoners

In the capital, Bucharest, about 3,000 people carrying signs that say ... has cited a need to get the criminal code in line with recent constitutional court rulings. Romania prepares to elect a new government It has also said granting pardons would ...  »
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Thousands march in Romania in defence of anti-graft drive

BUCHAREST Thousands of Romanians protested in Bucharest and ... It has also said granting pardons would help ease the burden of Romania's overcrowded prisons. Critics have raised concerns about legislating via decree rather than going through parliament ...  »
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Romania: gov't wants to pardon thousands of prisoners

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania's government is proposing to pardon thousands of prisoners, in a drive to reduce overcrowding in prisons. The justice ministry published a draft plan on Wednesday, surprising Romania's top prosecutor and drawing sharp ...  »
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Streets of Bucharest by On SPOT

In Bucharest we have “On SPOT” - the largest street photography community in Romania. On SPOT group was born from a simple idea: having an enthusiastic team shooting street photography, with members developing and growing together, learning from each ...  »
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