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Romania's ruling party discusses graft probe of 2 ministers

BUCHAREST, Romania – Romania's ruling party has met to discuss a criminal inquiry into allegations of abuse of office during a land transfer that targets two ministers. Ahead of Monday's meeting, Social Democratic Party leader Liviu Dragnea called the ...  »
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Foreign Secretary to visit Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will visit Prague, Bucharest and Bratislava for high-level talks ... I am looking forward to visiting the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia and to meeting with our friends and allies to discuss how we can co-operate ...  »
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A look inside Romania's darkly humorous Merry Cemetery

SAPANTA, Romania (AP) — Death isn't always tragic ... Despite its remote location some 600 kilometers (360 miles) northwest of the Romanian capital, Bucharest, it's one of the country's top tourist attractions. "I've seen what touches (tourists).  »
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UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson meets Romanian counterpart in Bucharest

The meeting in Bucharest is part of a visit in the region ... “I am delighted to be visiting the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia and look forward to meetings with colleagues to work closely on a range of foreign policy issues, including security ...  »
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Romania slims IPO plan for Hidroelectrica

BUCHAREST, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Romania plans to float 10 percent of hydro power producer Hidroelectrica, down from a previously planned 15 percent, the energy ministry said on Sunday. “We change the percentage to 10 from 15 ... we are on a more ...  »
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Romania’s countryside, a land that time forgot

Romania is full of surprises and wonderful people. And as you leave the capital of Bucharest, it gets even better. In the Romanian countryside, the nation’s unique history and traditional culture live on — vividly. A hard-fought past is evident in the ...  »
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Romania’s Merry Cemetery offers visitors dark humor

Tincu mused about the philosophy behind the cemetery. “These texts and images contain elements that remind you of what life is about,” he said. Alison Mutler in Bucharest, Romania contributed to this report.  »
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Romania on Course to Revamp Its Air Defenses

Consequently, Bucharest has asked the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to step in and assist. And since 2016, US, Canadian, Portuguese and British aircraft have been bolstering Romania’s air defenses, on a rotational bases (, March 27).  »
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Bucharest’s Outernational Days Festival Needs Your Help

In July of this year, the second iteration of Outernational Days festival took place in Bucharest, Romania. But unlike many other festivals you might have encountered on the summer festival circuit—compulsively curated for the biggest crowds or the most ...  »
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Commercial property investors descend on booming Bucharest

Geo Margescu, CEO of Forte Partners © Alan Knox/FT But Floreasca’s saturation, combined with the expansion of Romania’s economy, have opened up investment possibilities elsewhere in the capital. “Northern Bucharest is more crowded, there are fewer ...  »
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