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Romania King's Funeral

Princess Margaret of Hohenzollern, daughter of former Romanian King Michael, touches his coffin, at the former royal palace, in Bucharest, Romania, Friday, Dec. 15, 2017. Thousands waited in line to pay their respects to Former King Michael, who ruled ...  »
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Romania: Ex-king Michael who ruled during WWII dies at 96

BUCHAREST, Romania – Romania's royal house says former King Michael, who ruled the country during WWII, has died in Switzerland aged 96. The royal house said in a statement that Michael, one of the few surviving leaders from that period, died Tuesday ...  »
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In Romania, royal funeral prompts regrets

But mourners are still nostalgic about what he represented. December 15, 2017 Bucharest, Romania—Outside the monumental former royal palace that looms over the main square of Bucharest, mourners have been laying flowers for days in tribute to a long ...  »
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Thousands queue in Bucharest to say goodbye to King Michael

Romania is observing three days of national mourning for King Michael I. The king will be buried tomorrow, December 16. Members of European and international royal families will come to Bucharest for the ceremonies. Among them are Sweden’s king Carol XVI ...  »
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Romanian king's funeral sees family feuds in the spotlight

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — The death of the late King Michael is a solemn and sad time for many Romanians, but beyond the tears it's proving a colorful — and awkward family reunion. Michael, who ruled Romania twice and was forced to abdicate by the ...  »
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Ex-king Michael's coffin flown to Romania ahead of funeral

He finally got his citizenship back in 1997, eight years after the collapse of communism in Romania. At the royal palace in Bucharest, where Michael's coffin will lie in state for two days before his funeral, a handful of people paid their respects Wednesday.  »
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Planned changes to criminal code in Romania seen as weakening anti-graft fight

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - A fresh row over judicial changes in Romania broke out on Thursday with prosecutors and the political opposition warning that proposed amendments to the criminal code would weaken the fight against corruption and other crimes.  »
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Thousands of mourners say farewell to Romania's King Michael

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Thousands of Romanians on Thursday paid their respects to King Michael I, whose body is lying in state at the Royal Palace before his funeral this weekend. Michael, who ruled Romania twice and was forced to abdicate by the ...  »
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Bucharest: Romania’s ‘Little Paris of the East’

Still haunted by the legend of a vampire count and the legacy of a communist dictator, Romania is complex — with an epic history, a multifaceted ethnic mix, and an unusually rich cultural heritage. It may not be the easiest place to travel, but for ...  »
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Bucharest: 9 reasons to see Romania's capital

(CNN) — The days of being known as the "Little Paris of the East" may be long gone, but that doesn't mean Bucharest's glory days are gone, too. The Romanian capital continues to redefine itself, merging its storied history with a modern identity.  »
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